Robot Decals

One theme rising in popularity we’ve noticed lately is robot stickers for interiors. Here are some of the freshest designs we’ve found!

Wall Change Robots Stickers

Removable Wall Sticker


5 reasons to love this type of interior design

These stickers are one of the latest innovations to take on the interior design world by storm.  Rising in popularity quickly on account of their ability to change the look of a wall instantly, and for little outlay.  With a large variety of designs and sizes, these stickers are the perfect choice for the interior of a modern home.

So do we love such decals

  • 1. They’re easy to fit and remove

Unlike wall paper, or even paint, these can be applied to a wall in a matter of minutes.  Changed your mind about the placement of your sticker?  No problem!  They’re just as easy to take off a wall, to reposition or fit in a different room of the house.

wall stickers

2. They look great!

They instantly change the look of a wall in almost any room of the house. Whether it’s a nursery wall sticker or a living room decal, these designs can have an immediate and transformational impact.

3. They’re easy to use

This type of interior decor can be applied by literally anyone.  Unlike the messiness of wall paper, or the time consuming application of paint, with something stickable like this, you don’t need any existing know how to apply.

4. They’re an affordable way of decorating

Unlike the costs associated with hiring a decorator, or even paying for an interior designer, these offer unbeatable affordablity.  With prices starting at less than £10, there’s no question wall stickers are a cheap way to makeover a room.

5. You can be as creative as you want

Interior decals allow for a uniquely personal touch. With many wall sticker packages coming a range of different pieces, you can literally stick them anywhere.  And with the ability to remove your vinyl wall decals whenever you like by simply peeling them off, there’s no commitment – you’re free to do whatever you like!

Welcome to the Wall Change blog!

Welcome to the Wall Change blog, where our focus is making your walls look beautiful.

We supply a huge range of removable vinyl decals to transform your living space. Whether you’re looking to improve the look of your bedroom, brighten up your classroom or simply add some more character to your living room, we’ve got something for you.

Our stickers are easily applied, and just as easy to remove – they’re fully replaceable. Our full website is coming soon, but in the meantime here are some of our favourite designs.